WebSonar Dynamic School Libraries:

We have a solution for one of the most perplexing problems of the iPad;
"Where do I save; and how do I share my documents?".

WebSonar provides a web server with a built-in search engine that dynamically creates a web site. You simply upload files to your WebSonar library folder. Think of it as rolling Google, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, DropBox and WordPress into one simple application minus the spam and privacy concerns.

Fred Sitkins: "It really is an amazing sight to walk into classrooms and see not only high levels of student engagement, but also high levels of student collaboration."
We can provide a complete digital resource management solution; District Wide, pre-setup for each school, that supports 2500 client libraries and 100 concurrent users out of the box. (just boot up and connect to your network)

WebSonar runs on a network server and waits for search requests from any accessable web browser. WebSonar libraries are made up of any individual folder or group of folders that contain documents that have been indexed. WebSonar supports many file formats but we recommend audio, video and image files compatible with the iPad and PDF documents for optimum results.








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